Commissioned Art: Art About You

A commissioned painting: Unique, personal and inspiring!
Through an interaction of inspiration; an abstract-figurative, emotional and symbolic portrait of your identity or your company philosophy: That is the idea behind "Art About You". Art that is always there!



For companies: A symbolic portrait of your company philosophy can embellish and change the character of your company. Art serves as a positive and creative stimulus within your company for both customers and staff. You can also choose to have this work reproduced or have a number of small original versions made: Surprise your customers and create another reason to talk to them about other things than your day-to-day collaboration, with the objective of developing depth and trust in the relationship.

For private individuals: A symbolic portrait of your identity or a special occasion/ an important benchmark in your life; a lasting memory in which you recognize your inner self and one that will continue to inspire you.


Working method

If you are interested we will make an appointment for an ‘Art Scan' (personal meeting during which Hesther will obtain the necessary details from you). Using digital photos that are made of the canvas at various stages, you can (if you wish) be kept up to date on the development of the work.


In summary

Art is not just decoration, it is also a means of communication. It triggers a response, creates an experience.


Please feel free to contact us for information on the conditions and the prices.


"Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. It is important to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in so that it can touch you." Jim Rohn


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