Identities made up out of countless layers,
Emotions exposing the ultimate soul,
Inextricably linked to her surroundings;

The reflection of
The Woman


Particularly women and their expressions are key elements in my paintings. Their open attitude radiate vulnerability as well as their strength. This is enhanced by their transparency; the characters flow as it were, into the background. For me it is not a challenge to paint a likeness, but to find the right balance between tension and tranquility, to create an exciting image on the borders of the figurative and abstraction. 

The shape of a face may change for the benefit of a balanced composition and the desired atmosphere. Layer by layer, capriciousness versus softness, opaque versus transparency. The background, like our own living environment, plays an equally important role in the image. My inspiration illuminates in the structure of the eyes. Together with the colours used, these strongly determine the look and ambiance of the final painting. I want to create something that is both beautiful, which gives you a sense of balance, but also intrigues, something that makes you notice something different in it every day.

Recently sold


€3.900 | Sold to a collector in Radomsko, Poland


€2.800 | Sold to a collector in Den Hague, NL

Heightened Perceptions

€3.400 | Sold to a collector in Waalwijk, NL


€2.600 | Sold to a collector in Herne, Germany

Green Reborn

€3.900 | Sold to a collector in New Jersey, USA

Lucid Dream

€3.500 | Sold to a collector in Boston, USA

In addition to my paintings, I also make commissioned work. Usually with the same ambiance of these artworks. Over the past few years I have always heard from my clients have always told me that I captured the ‘essence’ of their loved one exactly – their partner, child or grandchild. Read more about this special process.

Selection of commissioned portraits

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