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"I am a woman, mother, daughter, lover, friend, researcher, student and teacher, professional artist and world citizen. I am deeply committed to all these roles. I try to do well and take responsibility for the people and the world around me. I experience life intensely, feel intensely with everything that happens around me, both positive and negative. This also makes my art as it is. My artworks are all expressions from both conscious and subconscious levels."

COVID-19... Rinascerò, Rinascerà

“This painting visualises my memory of the beautiful landscape in the La Morra comune, Cuneo in the Piedmont. However it is the people in that area that is continuous on my mind since the overwhelming Corona news that kept us informed on how hard you are hit. The true beauty however is not the landscape but the people! Time after time your friendliness and close family life filled our hearts with love! All national politics aside I want to let you know we are with you with the same love you have so often shared with us! I humbly want to contribute this painting, or the revenues when it is sold, to the community of La Morra to be used for someone that is in need.”

Auction piece for combating cancer

“For the benefit of the KWF Cancer Society, I was happy to accept the request of the Vivivere Foundation to donate one of my artworks. The painting was auctioned off at an auction, directed by the renowned auction house Christie's from Amsterdam. The proceeds of €1500 were transferred to charity.”

KWF Kankerbestrijding spends more than 80 percent of its net budget on scientific cancer research. KWF Kankerbestrijding does not carry out this research itself, but subsidises research at universities and scientific research institutes throughout the country. Each research project is carefully assessed by specialized advisory boards. Every year, KWF Kankerbestrijding funds an average of 300 research projects across the whole field of cancer research.

Zorgdier Foundation, design of a statue

"For the Zorgdier Foundation I designed a statue, trying to visualise the philosophy of the foundation as aptly as possible. People who buy the statue, use it in an appropriate way to establish this charity”.

Studies show that companion animals have a positive influence on people’s physical, mental and social condition. Caregivers and therapists gratefully respond to this. One of the most accessible options for care institutions is to deploy qualified volunteers who come to visit with their own pet. Stichting Zorgdier Nederland applies this concept. Thanks to the mammal, a wide range of objectives can be pursued: the development of strength, stamina, balance and mobility, sensory and mental stimulation, behavioural development, self-confidence, motivation, concentration, communication and reduced stress.

Portrait of King Willem Alexander (then still Crown Prince)

"For the KWF I accompanied two tough 9-year-old ladies in painting the portrait of King Willem Alexander (then still Crown Prince). They did a wonderful job! The painting was sold at auction, and the entire proceeds were transferred to the KWF Cancer Society".

In order to guarantee the progress of scientific research, KWF Kankerbestrijding annually invests more than 2 million euros in education and training. So that talented young researchers and health care professionals can further develop their skills in cancer research. Approximately 1% of our income is spent on informing the public and patients, and on supporting patients.

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