Enchanted Nocturne


A fusion of elegance and sensuality, brought to life with strokes of black, white, and nuanced hues of grey. Inspired by the winter season, with its shorter days and crisp, starlit nights, this artwork captures the essence of candlelit warmth and moonlit mystery.


In shadows cast by the moon’s soft gleam,
An abstract portrait, a silent dream.
A woman emerges, black and white
Capturing the dance of winter’s light.

Brushstrokes whisper in the quiet night,
As shorter days embrace the fading light.
Painted in slumber, as evening drew near.
She emerged in hues, both far and near.

Moonlight kissed her tranquil face,
A reflection of winter’s embrace.
Each stroke, a tale of the season’s song
In dreams, the canvas danced along


H | W | D 170 × 100 × 3 cm

Black, Brown, Grey, White



Other Details

Artwork on supported aluminium and wooden frame. Ready to hang.


Mixed techniques. Acrylic on linen.

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