In shades of noir and ivory grace,
Mystify’s portrait takes its place.
A woman’s visage, silent and bold,
In black and white, her story’s told.

Hints of blue, a whispering hue,
Echoes depths, secrets to pursue.
A glance of warmth within her eyes,
Unraveling tales, where mystery lies.

Each stroke of the paintress hand,
Captures her essence, a canvas command.
In shadows cast, a timeless trance,
Mystify’s allure, a poetic dance.

✔️Original work of art delivered with a certificate of authenticity

✔️Including insured shipment


H | W | D 180 × 100 × 3 cm

Black, Brown, Grey, White



Other Details

Artwork on supported aluminium and wooden frame. Ready to hang.


Mixed techniques. Acrylic on linen.

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