Rinascerò, Rinascerà


This painting visualises my memory of the beautiful landscape in the La Morra comune, Cuneo in the Piedmont. However it is the people in that area that is continuous on my mind since the overwhelming Corona news that kept us informed on how hard you are hit. 

The true beauty however is not the landscape but the people! Time after time your friendliness and close family life filled our hearts with love! All national politics aside I want to let you know we are with you with the same love you have so often shared with us!

I humbly want to contribute this painting, or the revenues when it is sold, to the community of La Morra to be used for someone that is in need.

✔️Original work of art delivered with a certificate of authenticity

✔️Including insured shipment


H | W | D 120 × 110 × 3 cm

Black, Brown, Grey, White



Other Details

Artwork on supported wooden frame. Ready to hang.


Mixed techniques. Acrylic and oil on linen.

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