On commission

Commissioned Portrait

An exclusive portrait of your beloved partner, child (honour), (grand) parents, of yourself or someone you want to surprise? From portrait art I specialized in faces and developed this in my free work. Nowadays I also work the other way around: art lovers find me through my free artwork and would like a portrait in the sphere and style of one of their beloved paintings.

The sphere and colours of the portraits can be based on one of my existing paintings. I love to work with all the information you give me while painting, and make a unique portrait for you in which I capture the essence of the person portrayed.
Please know that you can always contact me for questions or comments about the commission!

Price indication:
Head and shoulders with dimensions 60 x 50cm € 1.200,-
Head and shoulders with dimensions 70 x 100 cm € 2.250,-
From 160x110cm from € 4.000,-

For the larger sizes you can use the prices of my last free works as a reference (same size = same price). For multiple orders I will apply a discount. Feel free to inquire about the different possibilities and/or look for more information at ‘my working method’ about this special process we will experience together.


A father asked me to portray his beautiful teenage daughters, identical twins. After a frank intake, and after we had agreed on the size, I was given complete freedom in terms of colour, sphere and composition. I had a photo session made by photographer Hanneke Lathouwers, with whom I collaborate for my Dutch portrait commissions, and with these photos I had a perfect basis to start. Despite the fact that the twins look very similar, the ladies have a different character. I was able to express this very nicely with subtle details and colour nuances. The most beautiful compliment was when the twins came to see me before the delivery, and they immediately noticed the subtle differences between them. A very beautiful and special assignment!

Art Commission for a sold artwork

If you are interested in a painting that has already been sold, I offer you the opportunity to commission a similar work of art. This can also be done in a different format, or with a different orientation (horizontal/vertical/square) and color palette.  All my artworks will be different from the original. You will get a handmade and unique painting. The sphere, composition and texture will be in the same line and style as your favorite work of art.

Especially for her

An art collector in the USA commissioned me to make a painting in the same format and colour scheme of another free work that she had previously purchased from me. I was given complete freedom, and knew that she loved my artwork 'In the Shade', which was no longer available. Especially for her I made a different version of this work, with adapted dimensions and colours that also occur in her other painting.

Her response

"I absolutely love it!!!! Thank you so very much. It is gorgeous! I will take a photo of It for you when she is on the wall. It’s going to look so great !"

Custom Art Request

Are you looking for a painting with specific dimensions, orientation and/or do you have a specific color scheme in mind, then I can make this especially for you, as long as it is in the style of my art. After extensive and clear consultation about the possibilities and expectations I will start with a sketch, and after your approval I will start painting. With pictures I will keep you informed during the painting process.

Interested? Please feel free to contact me!
More information about commission an artwork, you will find here.

A loved one

Artwork ‘Lady of the Lake’ | 150x120x4cm

Commissioned Portrait: ‘Love of my life’ (Becky) | 100x85x3,5cm

An art collector in the USA commissioned a painting of his beloved fiancee, with the ambiance of my artwork 'Lady of the Lake', with their desired dimensions.

His response

“Hesther, I love the picture….. seriously, when I opened it on my computer my heart skipped a beat….. This is a painting not a photograph so everything goes when it comes to capturing something in the artist eyes…. And in my humble opinion, you have nailed it….. I LOVE IT!!!”

The response of his fiancee

“I had to reach out to tell you that I cannot express enough how we absolutely love our painting!!!  It is exactly what we had hoped for.  The way you are able to capture emotion and the soul through the eyes is… perfection.”

Ik hoor graag van je!

Hesther van Doornum

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Hesther van Doornum