Apparent Liquidity


 ‘Apparent Liquidity’ paints the face of a woman with bold brushstrokes, an interplay of contrasts between powerful dark shadows and nearly luminous white. The contrasts are almost tangible, with shadows delving into the depth of the painterly mystery.

The texture of the painting is intriguing, with layers that are palpable to the eye. Various textures have been created with bold precision, enhancing the work’s allure both visually and tactically. The woman’s sensual gaze adds a personal, intimate dimension, transforming this unique piece into more than a visual encounter—a truly felt experience for the observer.

✔️Original work of art delivered with a certificate of authenticity

✔️Including insured shipment


H | W | D 140 × 80 × 3 cm

Black, Brown, Grey, White



Other Details

Artwork on supported aluminium and wooden frame. Ready to hang.


Mixed techniques. Acrylic on linen.

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